V&R S/S 2010


OK Go: This Too Shall Pass

A friend of mine's just shared this cute video with me. Here we go again OK Go!

Supersweet's latest game!

HAHAHAHA This is dead funny! They really take it in.

Stuff other than this, check out Supersweet

Origami Tessellations: Eric Gjerde

Works by Eric Gjerde

Genius! Thinking about keeping his book!

Erwin Wurm did Claudia Schiffer

Featured in Vogue Germany, November issue 2009


Daniel Arsham: Bending Spaces

Coming across his adorable work in designboom today I cannot help sharing. Daniel Arsham is a 30-year-old American artist whose works have been featured not only in the US but also UK, Australia, France, and The Netherlands. His works range from painting to sculpture, to installtion art, interactive media, space design for various performances..and.. the list goes on. What interests me here is his exploration in blurring boundaries between things that seem irrelevent to each other but they are actually inseparable in a way we know but cannot explain.

It's all really cute.